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Since you are here,  you probably know who Janeway and Chakotay are, and it's a pretty good bet that you have some feelings about where their relationship is going...What?!   You say you don't know what this J/C thing is all about?!   J/C consists of  a vocal and increasing number of fans who feel that the Captain and Commander of the USS Voyager should be together, as friends, and more...

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J/C fans are everywhere on the net, and express their thoughts and feelings on J/C in a number of ways...picture galleries, sound archives, and raves/rants about the many aspects of their relationship give any J/C fan plenty of material to drool over. The numerous J/C fanfic sites out there also keep the mind stimulated, especially during reruns.

But there are so many J/C sites out there on the net, many of them beautifully done, that no one ever sees!

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That's where the J/C Webring comes in!  If you have a site with any positive J/C aspects {ex: command relationship, friendship, romantic involvement, or just general chemistry ;-)}  you should join the webring.  

Joining is easy: just fill out the information form .    You will receive an e-mail from the Webring with your site's information; come back here for the html. Copy it, make the indicated changes and paste it into your page's html codes. As soon as your site is checked {for things like content, quality, working links and webring code} it will be added, and an e-mail confirming your site's addition will be sent.  See,what did I tell ya?  Easy!

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This webring and its associated pages are maintained by Captain Kate, who heartily thanks FABIE for all of her help and research!  Love and virtual kisses to you, dear...